Genesis Hardwood

Our company has worked with some of the finest contractors and architecture companies in the Vancouver area, as well as residential flooring businesses, restoration companies, and design companies.

Our first-class commitment to providing our clients and customers the highest value money can buy is why we have ties to some of the biggest and best in Vancouver. However, our specialty is working with homeowners; improving the value of their homes and giving them a significant improvement that will last them a lifetime!

Years ago, a famous high-end ice cream company used the slogan “We charge more, but we’re worth it.” And while we certainly aren’t the most expensive flooring business in town, we have a rate that reflects our products and our service.

Having work performed on your home can be a stressful process. If you are paying a company to install a unit, whether it’s new plumbing, a fire place, or flooring, you want it done right.  That’s where we excel and bring the quality you expect.

Remember, when you commission Genesis Hardwood Floors you’re getting:

High quality flooring – our hardwood floors are not only beautiful, they will last for decades.


As Owner of Genesis Hardwood, it was originally a dream to live in this amazing place. But after having been here for nearly a decade and being connected with a great crew of experienced craftsmen, I’m living the dream! It is a privilege working with premier construction companies, designers and bringing the best. The best product and the best installations to you. Finishing every project and standing on a finished floor with a happy client is the best and what I look forward too.


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